Lens selection

a lens is A CAMERA…


Zeiss B-Speeds MKI T1.3. UNCOATED.

18mm CF 0,25m - 25mm CF 0,25m - 35mm CF 0,35m - 50mm CF 0,7m - 85mm CF 1m

The set is supplementet by a 135mm CF 1,5m Zeiss Standard T2.1. Also uncoated.

All 6 lenses have been through an uncoating process giving them a special character and a beatuiful flare.

Known for their triangular iris.

Canon K35 Macro Zoom 25-120mm T2.8. C.F. 1,22m

A vintage zoom lens with built in macro option.

Flares like heaven - weights like hell.

Cooke Speed Panchros S2/S3

All 7 lenses with built in macro option.

18mm T2.2 CF 0,22m - 25mm T2.2 CF 0,21m - 32mm T2.3 CF 0,26m - 40mm T2.2 CF 0,26m - 50mm T2.3 CF 0,28m - 75mm T2.3 CF0,5m - 100mm T2.8 CF 0,6m

Arri Ultra primes

20mm T1.9 CF 0,28 - 24mm T1.9 CF 0,3m - 32mm T1.9 CF 0,35 - 40mm T1.9 CF 0,4m - 50mm T1.9 CF 0,6m - 65mm T1.9 CF 0,6m - 85mm T1.9 CF 0,9m - 100mm T1.9 CF 1,0m - 135mm T1.9 CF 1,5m - 180mm T1.9 CF 2,6m


Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 Zoom lenses - Full Frame or S35

EZ-1 30-90mm in S35 T2 and 45-135mm in FF T3 CF 0,6m

EZ-2 15-40mm in S35 T2 and 22-60mm in FF T3 CF 0,6m

Switching from S35 to Full Frame by changing the rear parts of the lenses.

Tokina Vista Primes - Full Frame T1.5

18mm CF 0,45m - 25mm CF 0,35m - 35mm CF 0,41m - 50mm CF 0,48m - 85mm CF 0,85m

Poor man's Master Prime - Sharp and beautifull lens - AND it’s Full Frame.

Genesis G35 - Full Frame

14,5mm T3 CF 0,29m - 16mm T2.4 CF 0,3m - 20mm T1.8 CF 0,2m - 25mm T1.4 CF 0,25m - 35mm T1.4 CF 0,33 - 50mm T1.4 CF 0,45m - 85mm T1.4 CF 1,11m - 135mm T2 CF 0,8m

Sony Cine Alta Primes - T2 - set of 6 lenses

The 50mm and the 85mm are both missing in the picture above.

20mm CF 0,25m - 25mm CF 0,25m - 35mm CF 0,35m - 50mm CF 0,5 - 85mm CF 0,8m - 135mm CF 0,8m


Tokina Cinema ATX 11mm-16mm

T3.0 CF 0,35m

A small and light weight wideangle zoom lens. Clean and sharp like an Arri Ultra Prime in a side-by-side test we did.

Tokina Cinema AT-X 100mm Macro

T2.9 CF 0,30m

IB/E optics PL x1.4 extender

One size - fits (almost) all lenses.

You loose 1-stop in the process.

The extender enables a wide range of standard 35mm format primes and zooms to cover the full 6K frame of fx the Sony Venice.

TLS PL x1.4 and x2.0 extenders

Two sizes - fits a lot.

You loose 1-stop using the x1.4 in the process.

You loose 2-stops using the x2.0 in the process.


Lumix 7-14mm MFT-Mount

Zoom lens F4 CF 0,25m

35mm camera equivalent 14mm to 28mm

Lumix 12-60mm MFT-Mount

Zoom lens F2.8-4 CF 0,2m

35mm camera equivalent 24mm-120mm

Metabones Speedbooster EF-MFT

Canon 24-105mm. EF L-Series

Canon 24-105mm. EF L-Series